The Last of My Pattern-Binge

Demoiselle, you have enough patterns now.

I should be more than set, at least until I want to get the Jalie jeans pattern or some of the other interesting, non-Big-Four-plus designs that are out there. Or until I have leveled-up my skills.

Or both, really. That would be a good idea. Because, aside from a nice bolero pattern, I’ve got the basic patterns for pretty much any basic, woven wardrobe item, plus some nifty “special” patterns. Anyway, here are the last additions to my stock:

Jo-Ann Gets Me Again . . . demme. 

Vogue 8697

I’ve been wanting to get Vogue 8697 since I first saw the pattern on Pattern Review. I held off, because I was concerned about how very high the waistband looked on some people, but now that I’ve learned that I am long-waisted, I have decided that this could be a flattering style for me. The V of the waistband looks like it would emphasize my smaller waist.

Of course, it will also show my wider hips. Yet, I think with the right top (something that draws the eye to the neckline and shoulders), this might not be too unbalanced.

New Look 6945

I like the shaping of New Look 6945, which reminds me of a top I wore to pieces in high school. It looks fairly simple to make, though if I pick it as my next project it would be my first attempt at buttonholes.

The front and back darts should make this one easier to fit in a flattering way, and I like the modified scoop neckline and the subtle flare at the hip. I think this top would look great with an A-line skirt–assuming that the skirt’s waistband and the hem of the shirt overlap!

Simplicity 1802

Then we come to the dresses. For example: Simplicity 1802. I like dresses with fitted bodices. I also like skirts with a little swing to them. Although I think that Cynthia Rowley’s pattern is beyond my current skill level, it is something to aspire to. I just won’t be making in polka-dots.

I can easily see myself wearing something like this to one of my husband’s swanky business affairs. It would look very nice with an elegant pair of earrings and a bracelet, while the seams give the front of the dress quite a lot of movement and interest.

Burda 7949

Finally, I got my first Burda pattern, Burda 7949. Although I don’t think that I’m into the keyhole neckline on View B,  I just love how this dress is cut to take a patterned fabric (whether as precise as the pin-stripe or as complex as the floral and uses the grain line to create a kind of visual dynamic.

Made with the right fabric, I can see this being a dress I could make in multiple versions, both casual sundress-style and eye-popping glamour-style.

With these four patterns, I completed my indulgence in the fourth of July sale during my visit with my mother.

Then, I went online.

Kwik Sew 2325

You see, I’ve been trying to get two patterns that appear to be out of print or currently unavailable for sale. I’ve wanted them badly enough that I decided to buy them from a private seller. So, just before returning home, I ordered them. Now, they have arrived in all their glory.

Here is Kwik Sew 2325 (my first Kwik Sew pattern, and my first sleepwear pattern). It may be a while before I make any of this set, but I’m excited by it. I like the lines, I like the silhouette, and I would really like to have several of these to wear around the house. Its been terribly hot, and having something pretty and flowing to dress in when it’s too hot to thrown on a pair of jeans would be ever-so-nice.

McCall’s 5522

Finally, there’s my second button-down blouse basics pattern: McCall’s 5522. I already have McCall’s 5138, which is a basic dress shirt with two front darts (and various sleeve types). Ever since I saw M5522, though, and read the good reviews on Pattern Review, I’ve known I had to have a copy.

What makes this top work for me is the separate waist-panel and the gathers around the bosom. Some of my most flattering tops are constructed this way (though some of them also have pin-tucks ).

When I saw that the pattern was no longer being sold, I had to get a copy before it was too late. I have been painstakingly watching which of my clothes ready-made clothes feel and fit the best, and I wasn’t about to let the closest (well-reviewed) approximation to one of my favorites get away.