Craft Room Solutions

Living in NYC, space is at a premium. Ever since I started to sew and knit, I’ve been trying to find ways to hide my machines and supplies. Whenever I start a project, I must haul out all my tools, which invariably take over our dining area/foyer and part of our living room.

It is such a hassle to store away my supplies after an hour or two of work, so all stays out.

Finally, I think I have found a solution.

It’s a craft cart on casters. I assembled it during a bout of insomnia last night and spent this evening labeling drawers and going through my disorganized bits and bobs.

My thought is that I can wheel it out each day, stationing it either by my “cutting table” or in front of the couch, or even in the office if I want to hang out with my Awesome Hubby.

To encourage me to put tools away immediately, I divided drawers by function.

They are:

  • Cutting/Pinning
  • Mending/Hemming (Tools)
  • Test Scraps (cutoffs of current project fabrics that I can use to test stitches)
  • Tracing
  • Knitting (Tools)
  • To Mend
  • To Rip/Tink
  • Muslins
  • And four “Project” drawers to store supplies for current or upcoming projects.

I could use a clip on light and some sort of hanging bucket on one side to store overlong objects like yardsticks and rolls of tracing paper. Unfortunately, I have not yet found what I need.

Suggestions on how I could make this setup better are very welcome.


I found this nice drawstring bag stuffed into a drawer, and it ties neatly onto the side of my cart to store oversized items. Very useful and easy!