Fourth of July Sale at Jo-Ann (2 of 2): Extra Goodies

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to Jo-Ann today with a list. I didn’t find everything on my list. I was sad. But–the sale was wonderful.

Sneaky Jo-Ann’s Fabrics!

Thus, I looked around and found a couple other patterns to add to my pile. New Look was the winner in the “impulse buy” category, mainly thanks to a very good display case and the fact that the Burda patterns I liked are still too advanced and specialized and the Vogue sheath dresses didn’t have the right sizes for me at both bust and hip (gripe, gripe, go swimming more, gripe, gripe, gripe . . .).

With no further ado, here are my”impulse buy” goodies:

New Look 6209:

A dress pattern. Because I, demoiselle, who has been living in jeans for many years, need more dresses.*

I picked this because I wanted a sheath dress (darn it), and I must say I like the construction here. Batteau necklines work well on me, as long as the bodice is fitted, and since this dress features not only princess seams but little darts at the chest (oh, that’ll be fun to sew!), I think it should fit well. Throw in the little cap sleeves and this dress should balance out my figure nicely.

Or so I theorize.

I also like the possibilities with this dress. Apparently it’s popular now to do blocks of color in the middle section and black on the sides, so that’s one option. The blue dress in the “A” view made me think this could make a nice stretch denim dress (perhaps made out of one of the fancy, slightly sparkly denims that I’ve seen in the Garment district).

I appreciate the half-sleeve option, because I have a serious shortage of dresses with any sleeve whatsoever (and am thus flummoxed every winter when I need to dress up).

New Look 6173:

I won’t lie. I picked this pattern out for one view and one view only: The floor length, off-one-shoulder gown. Once upon a time (in college and before), I wore dresses and skirts all the time. Now I rarely do. It’s time to go back, and I think the line on this dress is gorgeous. The other two views, with their fussy gathered busts, don’t do much for me. But oooooh, that floor length gown.

It’ll be a while before I make this dress, too, though. I think it requires an exquisite fabric, and I won’t want to be chopping up exquisite fabrics for a while.

* Actually, I do need dresses, because I have to go to formal events now with my husband. But I need things like tops and pants more. Speaking of which . . .

New Look 6196, my final pattern pick at Jo-Ann:

Tops. Flattering to my body tops. That have an actual waistband, which will really help them be flattering to me tops.

After I get my Simplicity Scrub-Top (ugh?) finished, I’m going to either make that top over and over again until I get really good at it, or make the New Look equivalent to see if it looks better–then make tops over and over again until I’m really good at it. Because if there is anything I am lacking this summer, it is decent tops to wear.

After I get those super-basics down, I will be coming to you, New Look 6196, and you, Simplicity 3750. By the end of this summer, I am going to have tops to wear. I swear it.

(And while I’m at it, I might make my simple A-Line skirt in a few different fabrics, so I can get that invisible zipper perfected and have some nice, light and breezy “demoiselle-designed” bottoms to wear around the house.

You would think that would be all that I bought . . .

And it almost was. I was fortunate. With two gift cards, a 10% off your entire purchase coupon, and the Fourth of July sale, I managed to walk out of Jo-Ann without having spent a cent–and with a balance on my second gift card.

But then mom wanted to go in for a moment. That was my downfall. I found the muslin, remembered how irritating I have been finding making top-muslins out of the patterned cotton from Walmart clearance, and decided that I was going to get a good, healthy supply of good-quality, unbleached muslin (also on sale). I got 15 yards.

So, the second time I walked out of Jo-Ann’s Fabric, I left with a zero balance on my gift card and having spent some money, too. But I have enough muslin for quite a few projects, several patterns that I have had on my wish list for a year or more, and a few surprises that I think will broaden my sewing options.