Interfacing Ooops

I was reading the thread about interfacing over on Pattern Review. Then I read the linked articles, “Interfacing-Ten Tips” and “How to Apply Interfacing” (both on Fashion Incubator).

Now I’m thinking “ooops.”

I’ve realized that the interfacing that I used for my Simplicity 8523 muslin is too heavy. I had sort of worried about that with my first muslin, but pushed the thought aside. Now, as I think about the drape and softness of my “final” fabric, I am quite certain that I need something lighter–like the knit tricot interfacing. I don’t want to end up with cardboard-feeling clothing. Not after all that redrafting!

This means another shopping trip–this time to the Garment District, because I just can’t rationalize ordering a whole bolt from Jo-Ann. Yet somehow it always seems that I am running into Manhattan to get a few yards of interfacing.

So . . . sad face.

Ooooh. 50% off coupon for Jo-Ann online. Problem solved? Maybe.

I wish there were a way I could download all the wonderful information I’m slowly collecting directly into my brain (and muscle memory, too), so that I wouldn’t have these midnight-or-one-AM realizations.