Mom says that the 2-D rendering doesn't do me justice. Thank you, Mom.

Mom says that the 2-D rendering doesn’t do me justice. Thank you, Mom.

I want to know my measurements so that I can adjust patterns better. Hubby is on hand to do it, and I might be able to have him measure me before he leaves on his trip tomorrow morning. However, despite my belief that I have a nice figure, I don’t know if I want to see those numbers in black and white.

There is a lot of mental adjustment to do when you change weight by a lot. From 12 to 27, I weighed between 95 and 100 lbs on small frame. I always had a small bust (very small) while still possessing hips and a butt (thanks to bone structure). I wore zeros and twos. Now, I weigh about 124 lbs, which makes me average for my height. The weight-gain happened in about one and a half-years time.

That’s fast. Back then, I’d get a shock: I couldn’t recognize myself when I looked down.

Now, I do recognize myself. I like my body (though I like it better at 115-118 than 124-128). But that doesn’t mean that I like my 27 29″ waist. Plus, the boobs didn’t grow that much, so I don’t even get the perk of benefit of gaining up there. I’m still a 32A. It’s just that now I actually almost fill the cup.

So yeah. Numbers? Truth? Shock? And easier pattern adjustment? Or keep swimming and hope that the measurements look better in a couple weeks?