My Expensive Buttonholes

I absolutely love my Baby Lock Molly, but the one thing that didn’t please me was the single, automatic buttonhole. It just never seemed very nice. I know the Molly is capable of a nice buttonhole, because once the repair person demonstrated for me and it came out great . . . but somehow I never managed to duplicate his adjustments.

Not liking the buttonhole option has kept me from considering making tops that have visible buttons, which is limiting.

So I have bought a new sewing machine principally for buttonholes. Yesterday, I received my Brother 660LA, which seems to be a great machine despite it’s hot pink detailing. Right out of the box, the tension and stitch density on the buttonholes were much better than I ever got from my Molly—and this without a single adjustment, and on a single layer of muslin with no interfacing or button cording.

This machine has a lot of other features to play with, including many decorative stitches and three sets of fonts for lettering, meaning I could do some light monograming.

My little craft room is filling up with machines. It feels kind of crazy, but I love it . . . and if I’m going to be home a lot, I might as well have many things I can play with here.