Review: Baby Lock Molly

babylockmollyWhen my Singer 4423 HD broke for the second time in the middle of a project, I decided to trade it in at my repair shop. Fortunately, at The Sewing Outlet they sell Baby Lock sewing machines. Some months earlier, I’d splurged and purchased a Baby Lock serger, with which I’ve been delighted. Therefore, when I knew it made no sense to throw another $70 into my Singer, it made sense to get another Baby Lock.

The Molly has a lot of the features I wanted when I got the Singer 4423 HD: it can handle heavy projects (sewing through layers of denim; it is mechanical rather than computerized; it has a good number of stitches (25 or so), plus a one-step buttonhole. I’ve been extremely pleased with the machine so far, so–since I panned the Singer already–here is my praise for the Baby Lock Molly, as currently worded on Pattern Review.

What demoiselle likes about this machine
I got this machine to replace my lemon of a Singer 4423 HD (reviewed here).

I wish that the Baby Lock Molly had been the machine I’d bought first. Even though it is more expensive than the Singer, it actually works. I haven’t had to drag it in repeatedly for repairs. Moreover, it is what the S4423 HD pretended to be: a tough workhorse.

The very first thing I did when I brought my Molly home was finish my first top-stitched jeans-skirt. At this point, I can’t remember exactly where in the process of making this skirt the Singer died and the Molly came in–but I think it was before I’d made any significant progress on the denim (not the muslin) version. Regardless, it was the MOLLY and not the Singer 4423 HD that was able to sew through several layers of denim and interfacing with ease. Most certainly, I did the topstitching with the Molly, and it turned out perfectly.

The Molly is straightforward, tough, fast, and quiet. I will continue to update this review as I use it more, but so far I have had no problems, no tears, and excellent results.

What demoiselle does not like about this machine
So far, I like everything. I will update this review if any issues come to light.

Yes, it’s a rather spare review so far, but there is nothing to rant about–everything works well (so far). As I continue to use and get to know my Molly, I will update you on how she does. I’ll even do a stitch sampler and a button-hole to show you what she can do.