Simplicity 2451

I have made this skirt previously, and reviewed it here.

I made this skirt a second time, this time using a nice but scratchy brown wool from my stash. The wool was a much, much better fabric choice for this pattern than the khaki was. This time around this skirt is undoubtably the best thing I’ve ever made (so far).

I cut a size 12, this time keeping the skirt length “as is” on the pattern. Lacking anyone to help me with fitting, I pretty much stitched it as is. The resulting skirt sits about an inch below my bellybutton. I actually think that is where it is designed to be, but to my eye it would look better at my waist, which is much higher up (I’m short waisted).

I noticed more flaws with the instructions this time around, including neglecting to mention when to press and trim the facing before topstitching. The pattern also has you press the yoke facing up by 1/4″, but does not have an instruction to stitch that folded part down before “stitching in the ditch” to anchor the facing to the yoke. I suppose that step is left out because you are supposed to catch the hem when you sew down the facing . . . but in my case, the results were not neat and I ended up ripping and redoing.

I suggest that people who are new to sewing either have a reference book handy, or another skirt’s instructions nearby to double check this pattern’s instructions. Even if some of the directions aren’t wrong, they are not the best way IMHO to do things.

This time around, I put in an invisible zipper instead of a lapped zipper. I think it makes the skirt look dressier. I also used my coverstitch machine to do a double row of topstitching in blue on the pockets. I was going to do some on the yoke, too, but have reconsidered since the skirt sits well below my waist.

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