My NYC Craft Room in Idle Mode

wp-image-1971637256jpg.jpgBehold my craft room in “idle” mode. This room started out as a hallway with two double deep closets. Probably when our apartment was built, this would have been a his-and-hers dressing room. For the first several years we lived in this apartment, one of the closets held my fabrics and yarns, the other held my cat’s litter box (private bathroom for the kitty!), and my sewing machines were set up on folding tables in the hallway.

It worked, but it was not ideal. There was little room to work,  my supplies were a pain to get to, everything got covered in dust from the kitty litter, and it just wasn’t nice to be in there working.

Two years ago, we had to gut and renovate our bathroom, so while we were having that work done we took out the double closets in our craft room.  wp-image-179644292jpg.jpg

What I was left with was an empty, windowless room of about 6′ x 8 that still had to serve as workroom, storage space, and cat-room.

Eventually, I decided to order two Sauder wardrobes. One of them is a regular storage wardrobe, while the other is their hideaway craft table. The fit nicely side-by-side, leaving just enough room in between themselves and the walls to store a drying rack and an ironing board.

I’ve also got my yarn tucked away in fabric cubes, away from the dust and curious kitty claws (very important).


Finally, since I have to have kitty’s litter box in the same room as my machines, and the dust and grit made the room unpleasant and was bad for my machines, I switched to pine pellet litter. I cannot understate how much of an improvement the pine litter is in every way. No more dust, no more grit on the floor. It is easy to sweep up any pellets that get scattered, and I no longer worry about my sewing machines getting gummed up with clay dust.

This is still a work in progress. I’m still trying to decide what the best way to store my thread and fabric is, and my patterns are uncomfortably squashed in two standing fabric organizers that are left over from a previous attempt at craft-closet organization.


Later, I will post pictures of my craft room in “working” mode.




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