Craft Room Solutions

Living in NYC, space is at a premium. Ever since I started to sew and knit, I’ve been trying to find ways to hide my machines and supplies. Whenever I start a project, I must haul out all my tools, which invariably take over our dining area/foyer and part of our living room.

It is such a hassle to store away my supplies after an hour or two of work, so all stays out.

Finally, I think I have found a solution.

It’s a craft cart on casters. I assembled it during a bout of insomnia last night and spent this evening labeling drawers and going through my disorganized bits and bobs.

My thought is that I can wheel it out each day, stationing it either by my “cutting table” or in front of the couch, or even in the office if I want to hang out with my Awesome Hubby.

To encourage me to put tools away immediately, I divided drawers by function.

They are:

  • Cutting/Pinning
  • Mending/Hemming (Tools)
  • Test Scraps (cutoffs of current project fabrics that I can use to test stitches)
  • Tracing
  • Knitting (Tools)
  • To Mend
  • To Rip/Tink
  • Muslins
  • And four “Project” drawers to store supplies for current or upcoming projects.

I could use a clip on light and some sort of hanging bucket on one side to store overlong objects like yardsticks and rolls of tracing paper. Unfortunately, I have not yet found what I need.

Suggestions on how I could make this setup better are very welcome.


I found this nice drawstring bag stuffed into a drawer, and it ties neatly onto the side of my cart to store oversized items. Very useful and easy!

5 thoughts on “Craft Room Solutions

  1. Thimberlina says:

    You’re trolley looks fab, would you be able to put some sort of board in the back which you could have hooks to hang things, or maybe puts some strips of Velcro and then add Velcro stick on spots to things to be stuck on, like yard sticks? If you used the soft side of the Velcro on your gadgets then they would snag the fabric that you’re working with.

  2. Shari says:

    What a fabulous suggestion! I will look into whether it would be possible to mount something on the back. It’s open-backed, but there might be a way to make things work.

  3. Mary says: This thread links to a video of a cart with an ingenious way to hang oversized cutting mats, etc. on the back. It’s in Russian but worth a look (you’ll have to wait for a minute or so of introductions before she starts showing the things in her workroom which include a “tower” cart that moves on wheels.) I think some of her ideas might work for yours. I’d love to see an Amazon link to the cart you bought. It’s really nice.

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