A Sophisticated Hemming Tool

Hemming tool.

Hemming tool.


1. Length of yarn.

2. Masking tape.

3. Yard stick.

4. Door frame.

5. Bowl of flour.

3 thoughts on “A Sophisticated Hemming Tool

  1. This looks intriguing. How do you use this setup?

    • Shari says:

      The idea is that you put the string at whatever height you want the skirt hem to be. I measured on either end when I taped up the yarn, then in the middle to make sure that it wasn’t drooping.

      Then, you cover the string with a marking substance. Usually, I think people use chalk, but I didn’t have any, so I used flour, which brushed off the skirt easily when I was done using it.

      Put on the skirt, then rub up against the string, frontm sides, and back. I placed pins in the fabric where the flour marks were, then put the skirt back on and repeated until I had pins marking the height I wanted the hem all around.

      Then I pinned the skirt up at that height, and tried it on again. I adjusted the hem manually until it looked even, pressed the hem in, then trimmed the circle skirt so that the seam allowance on the inside would be consistent all the way around. After serging, I hemmed the skirt.

      Wearing the skirt yesterday to dance, I could see that one side of the hem is a little higher than the other. That is probably due to user error. Either I adjusted that side a little too much, or I bent my knees while trying to get the flour to stick.

      I think the system would have worked a little better if I’d used chalk instead of flour, because it might have transferred onto the skirt more easily, requiring less vigorous rubbing against the yarn.

      Nevertheless, it resulted in a much better hem than I’ve been able to get ALONE (pinning up by measuring down from the waistband) or even with my husband measuring and pinning the skirt on me.

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