Challenge to Self: Make a Skirt. Today.

I overthink my sewing. I muslin and muslin and muslin until I no longer have the will to make the actual garments in question. Today, I am telling myself: Stop that. Make something.


Simplicity 2451

So, I am going to make a skirt. I’m going to use a new pattern from my stash, Simplicity 2451. I am going to use a length of khaki fabric from my stash that was originally intended to be a pair of pants–someday. I am not going to muslin it. After all, I have made a similarly-shaped skirt in the past (Simplicity 5914)–twice, and the pockets are made the same way as hubby’s PJ pockets. The waistband is similar to the one on Simplicity 9825.

Better to try to make something now than to build up a reserve of stuff for the day when I can finally sew perfectly. Because until I sew regularly, I will never reach a high level of skill.


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