Challenge to Self: Altering the Pattern

Simplicity 2451 – Altering the Pattern

10:45 AM

My first step (having traced this pattern earlier in the week) was to shorten the skirt. I concluded that my recent Simplicity skirts were drafted for someone taller than my 5’3 3/4″ frame. The finished skirts both go below my knees, and would look better shorter. However, on Simplicity 5914–which has the same six panels as this skirt–I felt that I could not hem the finished skirt higher without sacrificing it’s nice flare.

This time, after holding the pattern tissue up to myself and noting that Simplicity 2541 is also long on me, I decided to remove 1.5″ along the lengthen-shorten lines of all the skirt panels. I hit my first minor roadblock: I couldn’t find any regular cellotape. Instead, I used double-sided tape to shorten the patterns. The double-sided tape made the process a bit awkward, but it was quick.

I hand washed the zipper and used the iron to pre-shrink it.

Meanwhile, my assistant decided to guard my fabric and thread.

Myshkin assists.


2 thoughts on “Challenge to Self: Altering the Pattern

  1. Jacqui583 says:

    What a great idea for pre-shrinking the zip!

    • Shari says:

      Thank you! I read instructions on how to do that online some time ago, and it’s how I pre-shrink most of my zippers. I’ll probably soak and iron this one a second time before I install it, just to be sure.

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