Sewing Up a Storm

I’ve been sewing up a storm for the last few days. The dining room table has been covered with sewing debris for over a week (which, in a NYC apartment, is a big deal, as it is our only big table). I have sewn through a significant portion of my fabric purchases. I have a pile of “almost finished” things that need hemming.

I feel good.

The projects are going . . . reasonably well. My linen skirt is still waiting for a hook and eye and to be pinned for hemming. Hubby’s flannel pjs need hemming as well.

My poor Sorbetto top wants to be hemmed, but instead I keep giving it the stink-eye because I:

1) didn’t listen to my own instinct and enlarge the armscyes, which are now too tight

2) didn’t do a great job with the bias tape finishing around the neck and arms, either, so the top isn’t really wearable.

I would fix the bias tape binding by ripping everything out and starting again, but the fabric is such a thin, fine weave that doing so would destroy it. This one is, unfortunately, a wadder.

And right now I’m finishing off my yoga pants: only the waistband and (of course) the hems remain.

If I want to keep sewing at this rate, I’m going to have to pre-shrink some of my wool suiting next. I’ll also have to go shopping again. I don’t have much of a “stash” to work from.


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