Bias Tape By Hand

A better way of making bias tape. Wish I’d seen this before . . . (Image by debcll).

I think that I can safely say that making my own bias tape (especially by hand, without any tool to assist in folding the bias strips) is another of my less favored parts of sewing so far. I have spent hours over the past two days learning how to stitch the bias strips together so the seams are always on the right side and always face the same direction.

Just now, I finished pressing the bias tape for my real version of the Sorbetto top, which is all finished except for the neck and arms (hence the need for bias tape). It is looking good. The fabric I chose is a nice, very thin purple cotton. It drapes beautifully, giving me the most flattering fit on the Sorbetto (or any top) that I’ve had so far.  I’ve got a couple cute bone-colored buttons that I think I’ll add to the pleat for a bit of visual interest. I’m eager to finish it and wear it around the apartment.

Alas, it’s sleeveless and NYC is now too cold for me to wear it outside. I’ll have to enjoy it privately, or else wear it under a nice toasty wool jacket.

One thing I have learned from the Sorbetto is how much I prefer the bias tape finish to the facings that I’ve had to use for the other tops I’ve made. So, in return for the discomfort of making this stuff, there is the benefit of not having to deal with flippy floppy facings. I’m sure it will be more than worth it–especially once I get a better method of folding the tape.


3 thoughts on “Bias Tape By Hand

  1. Mary says:

    I make bias tape occasionally, and I do not press it. When I attach it to the garment, I decide how wide it should be. Then do my pressing.

    • That sounds like a good idea, too. I am liking my Sorbetto, but the place where it is falling down is the bias tape binding, which I haven’t been able to get smooth. Plus I need to practice stitching around those bands without getting wibbly-wobbly.

      However, it is a very good first successful top (assuming the arms go well). I think that I will wear it, at least around the house.

  2. Ali says:

    I cheat and buy bias binding, or use a little gadget to help me make mine if I can’t find the right colour.
    After making the free ‘Tonic T Shirt’, downloadable from ‘Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick’ (on my blog) I tend to do most of my neck lines their way, and they look really professional. More so on jersey fabrics, but could be used on woven too.
    I’ve yet to make a Sorbetto, but I’ve downloaded the pattern and it’s nearing the top of my to-do list. 😀✂️😀

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