Lekala Free Patterns

Lekala Offers Super-Customized Patterns

Lekala Offers Super-Customized Patterns

I love all things Russian. And I love all things custom. And I love the idea of sewing patterns that are inexpensive and customized to me. Who wouldn’t like that?

So when I read on Artisan Square about Lekala, I was intrigued. They are a Russian company that offers a dizzying array of patterns (especially of dresses) for sale, each for between $2 and 3. What makes them unusual is that instead of selling multi-size patterns, they customize each order according to your measurements. That way, ideally, you have fewer adjustments to make.

Even better, they offer a package of fifteen customized patterns for free. The bundle includes a knit top, a blouse, two dresses, and a whole bunch of skirts. I went ahead and ordered it last night . . . greatly increasing my current pattern stash. Within an hour, I had received printable PDFs of all fifteen patterns.

Apparently, the non-Russian version of the site–which I linked above–offers a smaller range of customization than the Russian version. The latter site, which is much less fancy looking but also in English, allows you to place a “string order” which includes a massive number of customizations, including high and low waistedness and the “distance between the protruding points of the breast.”

If I find I like the free Lekala patterns, I’ll make sure to purchase using the string order in the future. I think that having custom patterns for a few dollars a pop sounds like a fantastic time-and-headache-saver.

One thought on “Lekala Free Patterns

  1. Ali says:

    I’ve made 2 things from lekala and was pleased with both. One was a top for me, and the other was a jumpsuit for my 11 year old son. It was a ladies pattern but I adapted it to make him a clown suit for Halloween. It turned out really well, the first time he tried it in was after I’d completely finished it, and it fit him perfect.
    I’ve not looked at the site where you can add more sizes, but will do. Thanks for the tip!
    I’ve downloaded another top and a dress and looking forward to making them too. 😀✂️😀

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