In Progress . . .

I have two sewing projects in advanced states of progress. My linen skirt (Simplicity 5941) is complete save for hemming and inserting a hook and eye. I am pleased with it, and have put some notes on a post-it in the envelope so that it is even better next time (when I hope to learn how to make a waistband for it).

My second muslin of my Sorbetto top is much, much better in terms of fit. I just finished applying the bias-tape around the neck (in order to practice what is to me a new technique. It feels great . . . though it doesn’t look nearly as good. I’ll need to practice making more consistent tape, get better at sewing around the tape in a smooth fashion (no squiggling!), and definitely use a thread that matches my real Sorbetto top’s fabric very closely. Now, I just have to make enough tape to bind the armholes so I can see whether the size is fine the way it is, or if I need to scoop them out a bit more.

I have to say, after my first muslin I did not expect the Sorbetto to even approach “flattering.” It’s just a really shapeless garment. However, adjusting the darts and going down by one size has helped a lot. The back still has a lot of extra fabric, but I don’t think I want to mess with that since the top still has to go over my head.

Plus, there is a such thing as overfitting. In my case, that would mean that I do muslins until I’m sick of a project, and thus never end up with anything wearable.

That’s why I threw together the linen skirt. I was starting to get frustrated by my “failures” and wanted a sure-fire success that was for me (so hubby’s pjs were out of the running).

I need to push forward and get a couple more things done, then I’ll do a photo-shoot and share the fruits of my very busy week of daily sewing.

2 thoughts on “In Progress . . .

  1. Mary says:

    Good for you! “Know when to fold ’em…” I make lots of my clothes, and not every item is great. Some things just need to be finished and worn.

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