Wednesday Sewing

Yesterday, I went to the Garment District and picked up a bunch of fabric. Awesome hubby is the main winner, since I picked three fabrics for pjs for him: two light weight cottons and a cotton flannel. I also picked up coating for my cape, a length of thick grey knit to make myself some yoga-style pants, and a bit of purple cotton for my Sorbetto. 

I really want to complete a project today, and to do that I have to prewash. I’ve got my purchases from yesterday ready to go (the washable ones), and have also pulled out a woven black-and-purple piece of suiting that I bought last year for a skirt-and-topper combo. Prepping fabric (and doing my own regular laundry) will be my morning project.

I really want to *finish* something today. Obviously, the best candidate is another pair of pjs, since I am reasonably happy with that pattern and only have small adjustments to make. However, I’d like to end up with something for myself. The muslin of the Sorbetto should be quick to put together–but will it fit? (Simplicity 3750 still needs to be traced in a smaller size).

I look forward to having a stack of TNT patterns from which I can pull when I want to whip something up. That time seems a long ways away, though . . .


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