Muslin: Simplicity 3750

I was inspired to try sewing for 20 minutes today, and that quickly turned into several hours. Funny how that happens.

Anyway, I decided that I had nothing to lose (except a few pieces of muslin), so I dove into Simplicity 3750. What began as simply pressing the tissue turned into laying the pattern out, cutting, and then stitching up a few pieces. Before long, I had this:

Simplicity 3750: Muslin Front

Not bad.

This was my first time gathering, and it shows a bit (I need to make sure that when I make the actual garment I space out the gathers more evenly). I haven’t done the back yet, so I can only estimate how it will fit. It looks to me like the front yoke (the shoulder pieces) are going to be a mite too short for me. When I hold the front up to my body, I feel like the tie will ride too high unless I lengthen the yoke. However, the rest of the front seems to be dead on in terms of size. This surprised me, because I was certain it would be much too large.

We’ll see what happens when I piece the rest of this top together. Will it continue to fit, more or less?

I’m quite curious now.

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