Still Stuck on Simplicity 3750

Way back in July, when it was still summer, I said that my next project would be Simplicity 3750. Well, I’m still trying to get started on it. I’ve now got all my pieces traced onto tracing paper. Since I had such a bad time with my last top (probably springing from having cut too small a size/the fact that the largest hip on the pattern was still an inch too small), I’ve been having a hard time making myself invest in this top.

It’s complicated by the fact that Simplicity 3750 is made up of three pieces in front, so I’m concerned about fitting it. I’d do a different top, but this is the only top I currently have fabric for (everything else is suiting for skirts, vests, boleros, etc). I don’t want to buy more fabric until I am certain I will use what I have.

So, I’m left staring at my various pattern pieces, needing to trim around them and tissue fit and feeling convinced that I’ve traced the wrong sizes, but that the other options would be more wrong.

Maybe I should just make another skirt. Or maybe I should push through.

2 thoughts on “Still Stuck on Simplicity 3750

  1. LadyD says:

    Have you got any photo’s to show what your issues are…maybe I (or we of the blogosphere) can help you?

    • LadyD, I have just finished tissue fitting, so I haven’t got a muslin yet. Once I have one, I will upload progress pictures. For some reason, I’ve just had a “bad feeling” about this project, even though I haven’t gotten to the sewing stage yet.

      Thank you for the offer of help!

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