Awesome Husband’s PJs Rock

New Look 6859

Last night and this morning, I worked away on awesome hubby’s requested PJs. I decided to go ahead and use the plaid cotton that I bought in the Garment District. Even though it’s a bit thin, it isn’t so far off from hubby’s summer store-bought pajamas. I figured–Why not try? The worst that will happen is it will wear out a bit faster than we would wish, and it’s better than leaving the fabric in my stash, unused and without a plan.

This pattern goes together really well. It took me just a few hours (especially with the help of my new t-square, tracing paper, and french curves) to trace all three pieces. I had the perfect amount of fabric to fit the pieces. And the instructions, so far, are crystal-clear.

Matched Plaid Magic!

Somehow, I got the plaid to match without trying–at least on the where the pockets/yoke meet the front pieces, across the front and across the back (we won’t talk about the side seams, though!). I was thrilled when I saw how well the patterns matched.

At this point, I’ve got everything sewn up below the waistband; next up: creating the casing for the elastic waistband and the twill-tape tie.

Hubby tried on the pjs before work, and they look good. Of course, there is one little fit issue: the waistband is going to hit him at least an inch higher than I would like. I will have to make a note to fold out about an inch between the crotch and the waistband before I make these again.

Tomorrow, I’ll head into Manhattan, get the elastic and twill tape, and finish this bad boy off. Although I know that the waist is gonna be riding high, I’m already proud of my work here. These look and feel good, have gone together well, and are going to be used and loved.

Thank you, Awesome Husband, for requesting these.

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