Ok, You Can Mess Up PJs :-(

Went shopping for fabric for hubby’s PJs today, picked out what felt like the perfect weight checked cotton, didn’t pay enough attention when the clerk measured and folded it.

After I paid and left, I realized I had been looking at the back of the fabric–which is actually a complex plaid–and the “perfect thickness” was because the fabric was doubled.

Now, I have almost three yards of wafer-thin complex plaid woven cotton with a checkered wrong side. Not what I intended to get at all. There is really nothing I can do with it at all–I’ve pondered over it, and it won’t stand up to the beating that a pair of pjs would take, even if I did manage to make plaid pjs without losing my mind.

Disappointed with myself, and shocked that I did not notice that the fabric was not what it seemed. That’s what I get for picking something that was on a bolt in the very back of a huge mound of fabrics.

There’s $12.50 wasted. And it’s too bad, because it is nice fabric. Just . . . not at all useful to me.

Now I’m going to have to find something else. Perhaps I should go mope over a couple of my knitting projects that aren’t going very well, either.


5 thoughts on “Ok, You Can Mess Up PJs :-(

  1. leuinda says:

    Oh, jeeze. I’m sorry. It’s no fun to have a quote-un-quote easy project go awry. Very frustrating. Where were you shopping?
    I wanted to say “hey” after seeing you post in Regional Communities over at PR. I’m in the city, and blogging my frustrations on WordPress, too.
    Enjoy the cool weather!

    • demoiselle says:

      Chic Fabrics in the Garment District. I think it will work out . . . at least if the fabric shrinks up a bit. If the threads tighten up a bit into a firmer weave, then it just . . . might . . . work.

  2. LadyD says:

    Have you got photo of the fabric…maybe we can suggest alternate uses? (I’ve made many fabric mistakes…mostly buying online. lol!)

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