Resisting a Primal Scream


I’ve been working on Simplicity 8523 (aka the Devil’s T-Shirt), so this post can be read as a primal scream. After I cut into my “fashion fabric” and sewed together the front and back, I discovered that some of my pattern alterations had changed the shape of the back. I needed to do more work (including picking apart the shoulders, restitching, and drafting a new back-neck facing) in order to get the thing to work. The good news is that I was right: the fashion fabric’s drape is better than the muslin’s, so the top is somewhat more flattering.


I don’t actually want to write an entire post about the Devil’s T-Shirt, however. That can wait for when I complete it and write my REVIEW.

So instead of talking more about my “progress,” I’ll report on my shopping last week. In a trip through the Garment District, I found some nice fashion fabrics for my next two projects: Simplicity 3750 (which looks like it will be a lot more complicated than I anticipated), and a remake of Simplicity 5914 (a simple A-line skirt).

The former will be made out of a lovely turquoise and brown paisley cotton. That top, however, calls for a contrast fabric for the tie. Since the paisley on the main fabric is a hard-to match reddish brown with easier-to-match tan highlights, I found a length of mottled quilting cotton which incorporates both shades. It has an interesting texture and seems to be of a similar weight to the paisley cotton.

I found a lovely light-blue linen for the A-line skirt: it’s sturdy feeling and detailed with embroidered flowers. Since the bolt was 60″ rather than 45″, I might have enough fabric left over to make a small top. We shall see. The day before we left for our vacation (from which we just returned) was spent in battering and shrinking this linen as much as possible. I went for three hot washes and three hot trips through the dryer. Now, it looks characteristically crinkly and comfortable.

Since my goal for my next version of Simplicity 5914 was to learn how to insert an invisible zipper, I obtained an invisible zipper foot and the proper color and length zip for my fabric. I have a T square and a set of drafter’s french curves so that I can trace patterns diligently from now on. I have bars of soap collected by both myself and hubby on our vacation and his business trip for marking fabric. I’ve . . . it seems . . . got sewing swag!

So, basically, I have two projects in the hopper, everything ready to go, and the Devil’s T-Shirt almost completed. I’m both excited (because pretty fabric and interesting patterns!) and annoyed (because if I can’t fit That Stupid T-Shirt, what am I doing sewing?).

Excited had better win out, or hubby will side-eye all my new sewing books and tools, and he’ll refuse to wrap me in paper tape.


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