Mom says that the 2-D rendering doesn't do me justice. Thank you, Mom.

Mom says that the 2-D rendering doesn’t do me justice. Thank you, Mom.

I want to know my measurements so that I can adjust patterns better. Hubby is on hand to do it, and I might be able to have him measure me before he leaves on his trip tomorrow morning. However, despite my belief that I have a nice figure, I don’t know if I want to see those numbers in black and white.

There is a lot of mental adjustment to do when you change weight by a lot. From 12 to 27, I weighed between 95 and 100 lbs on small frame. I always had a small bust (very small) while still possessing hips and a butt (thanks to bone structure). I wore zeros and twos. Now, I weigh about 124 lbs, which makes me average for my height. The weight-gain happened in about one and a half-years time.

That’s fast. Back then, I’d get a shock: I couldn’t recognize myself when I looked down.

Now, I do recognize myself. I like my body (though I like it better at 115-118 than 124-128). But that doesn’t mean that I like my 27 29″ waist. Plus, the boobs didn’t grow that much, so I don’t even get the perk of benefit of gaining up there. I’m still a 32A. It’s just that now I actually almost fill the cup.

So yeah. Numbers? Truth? Shock? And easier pattern adjustment? Or keep swimming and hope that the measurements look better in a couple weeks?


8 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. Lakaribane says:

    Interestingly enough, I have a similar story re:weight. I’m 5’05” and, until I was 24, I was under 100lbs in HS, was 107lbs according to the physical to get the student visa, went to study for a year in Canada and put on about 15lbs. Greatest image shock of my life!

    Since then, I’m stuck at 115-118lbs, though eating less red meat seems to have shaved off 5lbs or so permanently from my body.

    However, if you want to sew garments that fit, you have to have the right numbers. For example, I have made several boatneck garments in the past year, about 3-4 of them from Burda. Guess what? While I do the Petite alterations I need, I am in denial, too often, of my narrow shoulders and my Forward Shoulder (call me Quasimelda, 1,5cm/ 5/8in!!!). It makes a difference.

    If the croquis didn’t have you drinking, the numbers will not. You don’t have to post them online or anything but you need them.

    Aside: a friend of mine is a lawyer in the US and she jocks that she has no qualms about wearing Payless shoes because she dares anyone to walk up to her and take a shoe off her foot to check the brand. Let that be your motto.

    Oh, and with your scoliosis, you probably need left side/right side numbers, especially lengths. I like that Burda gives you Back Width, Bust Depth (shoulder to breast apex) and Hip Depth (waist to hips). You’ll probably have to work on full patterns, not half, by that same token. Who cares if it’s crooked, as long as it looks good on you.

    This coming from a girl who bought a 32D bra just because her right breast is bigger than her left. TMI but doesn’t that cheer you up a bit? My shopping is dictated by glands and tissue, joy! LOL

    Good luck with the measurement taking!

    PS I thought I had recommended Inside Out Style blog to you but don’t see my comment so I might have dreamed it, LOL! Another good one is Already Pretty

    • Lakaribane says:

      Sorry about the mistakes/typos, too eager to post, didn’t reread myself.

    • I don’t think you did recommend those blogs to me, but I will check them out!

      Your words are, indeed, comforting. I had hubby do basic measurements before he left, and I’m a bit bigger than I was when I did pilates a while back (::sigh::). However, the numbers were not too great a shock, aside from one which I’ll get to later.

      I did have hubby measure left and right side for several measurements, just because of my scoliosis. We didn’t do the full Adele Margolis measurement regime (which is–wow!–a lot), but got enough numbers that I now know what to look for.

      What shocked me is that–according to my experience with my Simplicity top–I am long-waisted. I had to drop the waist by 1 1/4″ for the pattern’s waistline to line up with my string. Then, when hubby measured my back-waist, the number was 14 1/4″!! So . . . my waistline is lower in front, and I guess that explains why I need the swayback adjustment and have such atrocious pooling (I took a full two inches out of the center of the back of my T, and think I could have taken a little more!).

      I have one Burda pattern now, so I’ll take a look at it. So far, I’ve only used Simplicity patterns, and now I’m trying to decide what to do next. Part of me says go for a different company, see what they are like. And another part of me is drawn to several of the other Simplicity patterns I have.

      I’ll be spending time pondering my pattern collection and doing measurements, I think.

  2. Brooke says:

    Measurement numbers always seem bigger on paper just because we are used to thinking about measurements in a straight line. A 36″ yardstick seems long, but 36″ hips aren’t even 18″ in front view because the measurement is in a 3-dimensional curve. Just something to keep in mind. =)

    • demoiselle says:

      Thank you! I had hubby do the measurements before he left, and although I was a bit sad to see that I have indeed–as I already knew–gained a few pounds from my “best weight” (and went exactly where I knew it went), it wasn’t shocking. In fact, considering my scoliosis, I was much less crooked than I expected. The biggest surprise was the fact that I had to drop the waistline on my Simplicity shirt, but when I measured my back-waist, it was a mere 14 1/2″, which is shorter than most patterns in my size. I guess it’s a tilted waist or swayback I’ll have to deal with each and every time.

      Better to know . . .

  3. lakaribane says:

    I scanned a page from a book I just won online and would like to share it with you re: measurements. Please email me at my username at Read you soon!

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