Fourth of July Sale at Jo-ann (1 of 2): Wish List Purchases

Remember how I said just a few days ago that it was a good idea to buy a few, flexible patterns? Well, today I broke my own rule. I’m in upstate New York, visiting my mom, in an area where there is a Jo-ann. Since there isn’t one near me and I had two gift cards burning holes in my wallet, I decided that it was worth taking advantage of the Fourth of July sale.

And I did.

My first plan was to just go for the McCall’s “Five for $5” deal, but unfortunately some of the patterns on my wish list were not available. I’ll probably have to order them online, which is too bad. However, a number of things that were on my wish list are now in my pattern stash, such as:

McCall’s 5947:

Apparently, this is the “Perfect Knit Dress,” and it was named a “Best Pattern of 2010.” Looking at this dress, I can see that Views A and B (scoop-necked with a waistband and a gathered skirt) are the most likely to suit me. The more popular views, C and D, are less likely to suit, though I’ll have to examine the construction. V-Necks are good for me, but wrap-style dresses rarely suit me (I had one, once, which was divine . . .). Also, the bulky tie + my small bosom + my wider hips are likely to make me look thick.

So, in this envelope I am hoping to find two good knit dress patterns. I might try out the wrap-style and hope for the best, or see if I can find a way to minimize or lighten the waist-tie portion of the outfit.

Anyway, since this one is being discontinued and it is so highly reviewed, I went for it. I hope I make it and it works out for me!

McCall’s 6331:

This pattern is also about to be discontinued, and it was an impulse purchase. I noticed it on the “about to be discontinued” page on Pattern Review, put it on my wish list, and then found it at Jo-Ann.

Into the basket it went. This is a more “daring” purchase for me. I love the romper, but as short as it is cut, I don’t think it would suit me without significantly lengthening the “shorts.” However, the “B” View, which is the yellow sundress, is lovely–and I don’t have a single sundress pattern. The line drawings show a tightly-fitted bodice with darts and a very floaty skirt, which is one of the silhouettes that suits my figure best. I think that McCall’s 6331 will be beyond my skill level for a while, but once I am ready to tackle it, I see promise.

New Look 6356:

After my struggles (as yet undocumented in detail on this blog) with Simplicity 8523, I was pointed towards this very similar pattern. At first I had my doubts about buying it. After all, this basic shirt set is very like the basic shirt set offered by Simplicity.

Then, I placed the line drawings for each side by side (perhaps I’ll do that in another post!) and compared. I was surprised by what I saw: whereas the Simplicity shirts fall almost straight down from the underarm, the New Look shirts are all tapered. Moreover, these woven shirts are all designed to have a zipper in the back, which suggests that they require less ease and will, therefore, not be as baggy as the Simplicity versions.

Add in the more plunging necklines, and I decided to spring for a pattern that is similar to one I already own (but only after opening up the tissue gently and confirming that the sides of these shirts really are far more tapered than Simplicity’s).

Simplicity 1784:

This last pattern is the one that I am most dubious about among those from my Wish List. I am drawn to the blouse’s bow-tie, the jacket (which is not going to be as fitted as I would want, I know), and the skirt (which I could, to be 100% honest, create from a pattern I already own). Nevertheless, every time I see this pattern photo, I feel drawn to it.

I haven’t seen many reviews of this pattern yet, but I’ll be watching. I hope they are positive.

Demoiselle’s Additional Commentary:

  • Boy, they sure get you at these sales! As careful as I try to be with selecting patterns (and I still think that I have picked things that offer additions to my wardrobe and do not fully overlap), the cheap prices make loading up on patterns appealing.
  • I got Dritz Wash-Away Wonder Tape! I have read that using that tape makes putting zippers in easier, and I am all for that.
  • I looked through the Burda catalogue for the first time. Now, I have something to aspire to for finding and making striking signature pieces. They are more beautiful than Vogue . . . and there are a number of Vogue patterns that I like.
  • Speaking of Vogue, I wanted to get two sheath dress patterns from them, but they break their sizes up in the worst possible way (for me). If I wanted to assemble a sheath dress from Vogue, I would have to get one envelope for the top and a second for the hips. Disappointing.

You might think this is it for my Jo-ann shopping spree, but you’d be wrong. I bought three more patterns (not from my wish list) that I will show off momentarily.

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